The False Prince by Jennifer A. Nielsen

   “If I had to do it all over again, I would not have chosen this life.  Then again, I’m not sure I ever had a choice.  These were my thoughts as I raced away from the market, with a stolen roast tucked under my arm.”

So begins a wonderful book that includes adventure, intrigue, and memorable characters.  Sage was living in Mrs. Turbeldy’s Orphanage for Disadvantaged Boys when he is bought and paid for by Master Connor.

Connor’s plan is to place an impersonator of the king’s long lost son on the throne.  He forces four orphans to compete for this position.  The competition is dangerous, and Sage seems to feel that Connor’s motives are questionable.  But, what can he do?  He must play the prince or be killed!

There are three books in this series.  After we read this one in my book club, my middle school kids were begging for the second book!  My granddaughter told me she was “hooked”!  This is a terrific book for boys and girls!

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