Malcolm at Midnight by W.H. Beck

“A lot happens in school when the teachers aren’t looking.  Sincerely, Your Student”

This is a great story about what happens after hours in an elementary school.  The characters are the classroom pets.  You also meet Mr. Birney, the 5th grade teacher, Ms. Brumble, the cleaning lady, as well as some of the students.

Malcom is the rat in the 5th grade room.  He is so small that Mr. Birney actually thinks he’s a “mouse” horror of horrors!  Malcolm is new to the school, and when he gets out of his cage on his first night in the McKenna Elementary School—his adventure begins!  He puts his tail inthe aquarium to catch a fish, and the fish catches him and hurls him across the room!  Next, he encounters the Midnight Academy and all the animals who meet secretly to keep the school safe at night!

There is also a mystery in the school.  Who is Snip?  Why is he hiding upstairs in the unused rooms!  What happens when Malcolm meets Snip?

This book won the William Allen White Award for children’s literature in Kansas.  Kids vote for the winners!  My book club heartily agreed.  This book is fantastic!

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