Escape From Mr. Lemoncello’s Library by Chris Grabenstein

“Knowledge not shared remains unknown.”  Mr. Lemoncello

Kyle Keeley is a 12-year-old who LOVES winning games!  He gets grounded in the first chapter for breaking a window in order to beat his older brothers in a game!  So, when he hears about the contest to win a lock-in at the brand new 500 million dollar library—he quickly enters.  His entry in the “Why I’m Excited About the New Public Library” isn’t exactly stellar—so he tries to send Mr. Lemoncello an e-mail.  His e-mail is returned to him with a “bong bong”, but when the names of the 12 contestants are read, Kyle is in!

The library is unbelievable, complete with a Wonder Dome and holograms of famous people!  The contest—find your way out of the library!  You can’t use any regular exits or fire exits!  There are clues to be found, and the competition is intense!  Mr. Lemoncello, the man who paid for the new library makes some appearances to the kids in the competion.

Kyle and his best friend, Akimi, team up, and they are soon in a battle with Charles Chiltingon whose motto is “Knowledge is Power” as well as, “We eat losers for breakfast!”  It isn’t long before there are two teams working against each other.  Who will be the winner?

My middle school book club loved this book!  The games are exciting and the reader gets caught up in the puzzles!  It’s a great read for boys and girls!

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