“The Fourteenth Goldfish” by Jennifer L. Holm

“He gives an exasperated sigh. “It should be pretty obvious. I engineered a way to reverse senescence through cellular regeneration.” I stare at him. “In layman’s terms: I have discovered the fountain of youth!”

Ellie is a sixth grader who lives with her divorced mom. Her parents are both in theater, but Ellie doesn’t share their interest in drama. Ellie isn’t a big fan of change. She misses fifth grade and all the time she spent with her best friend, Brianna. Now, Brianna is on the volleyball team, and she doesn’t have time to spend with Ellie.

Then her grandfather comes to live with them, but can it really be him? He looks like thirteen, maybe fourteen years old. He has long hair, but his clothes look like something an old man would wear! Ellie can’t believe her eyes until she sees his college school ring! It is her grandpa!

Grandpa Melvin becomes Ellie’s classmate as well as babysitter. Grandpa has two PhD’s in science. But, now he’s a student in middle school. As you can imagine, interesting things happen. Grandpa has been banned from his lab, so he hires Raj, a classmate of Ellie’s to try to get his special jellyfish project out of the lab. With his amazing discovery, he feels like a Nobel Prize might be in the offing!

Jennifer Holm grew up in a scientific family, and her knowledge makes her the perfect writer of a story about life and death and immortality! This book shares information about a number of famous scientists and also tells about some of the “not so good” experiments from the past.

This story has humor and inspiration! But, it also leaves you with the question: Can Science go too far?

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