A Million Ways Home by Dianna Dorisi Winget

“But then a second boom sounded,loud enough to make my chest vibrate, and I was suddenly thinking gunshot and not fireworks.”

Poppy Parker’s life is a tough one now that her grandma had a stroke and is in a nursing home. Poppy has to be in an orphanage, and she hates it! She decides to run away to see her grandma. She stops at a convenience store to buy herself a candy bar. Poppy is outside in the parking lot when she hears the sound that she finally realizes is a gunshot. Then it gets even worse—the man runs over to her and asks her what her name is! And she gives it to him! Just then the police come, and the man runs away!

But, Poppy can recognize the criminal! Now she’s in danger! This man could come after her! Detective Trey Brannigan takes her under his wing and takes her home to stay with his mother in a kind of witness protection program.

This is a really good book that includes a beautiful German shepherd who is set to be put down. Poppy wants to save Gunner and a misfit girl named Lizzie. It is a very warmhearted story! Boys and girls will like this book!

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