All Rise for the Honorable Perry T. Cook by Leslie Connor

“It’s 6:23 a.m. I scoot forward and put my lips close to the microphone of the prison PA system.” How can an 11-year-old be living in a prison?

Award winning author, Leslie Connor writes a wonderful story about what happens to a boy who has lived in a minimum security prison in Nebraska for his entire life.

Perry has been able to stay with his mom because of a caring warden. He knows the “rezzes” (residents), and the warden’s niece picks him up for school in a town nearby. All is going well until a new, ambitious district attorney decides that Perry needs to live in a foster home on the “outside”.

Perry is desperate to get back to his mom. His mom’s parole hearing is coming up, and he’s afraid she won’t get parole because of him! So Perry and his best friend, Zoey go on a quest to find out why his mom is in prison, and will the true facts help or hurt!

This is a wonderful story about what can make a family, and how love and forgiveness are so valuable. I think boys would like this book as much as girls! Gary D. Schmidt, award winning author, describes it as “A deeply moving, even inspiring novel.”

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