The Gorillas of Gill Park by Amy Gordon

“I stammered back, “I’ll—I’ll ask my parents.” Gorilla suits? Thirty gorilla suits? What would it be like to spend the summer with someone who was making thirty gorilla suits?

Willie Wilson is an only child who has parents who seem a bit over-protective! He is tired of his mom making him practice his violin and spending time studying his school books—even though it’s summer.

But, he has no idea how interesting his summer will be when he decides to spend it with his aunt Bridget! There is the fountain in the park that changes colors with the music that is playing. There is a kid who asks him to be on a baseball team. There is a man who lives in an apartment inside a tree! There is a girl about his age who lives with the reclusive Otto Pettingill. This girl is pretty much on her own. Able to make her own decisions about almost everything! There is some mystery! Who is Frank Featherstone, and why is he trying to buy Gill Park?

Each chapter begins with a quote from one of the characters. And the characters are very unusual folks! This book is a great middle-grade novel! I read this book aloud to my fourth graders, and they loved it!

Great summer read!

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