A Handful of Stars by Cynthia Lord

“The only reason I ever spoke to Salma Santiago was because my dog ate her lunch.” Lily’s dog is blind, and she is frantic to stop him before he gets lost or hurt! That’s how she comes to meet the migrant families who come to Maine every year to work in the blueberry fields.

This is a great story about friendship and how it can change as kids grow up. It’s also about making new friends with kids you might not normally get to know!

And it’s a book with a lot of facts about growing blueberries! My book club kids said they learned many things they never knew about Maine and blueberries!

Lily is determined to earn enough money to pay for an operation on Lucky, her dog’s eyes. Salma helps her in her mission. How they work together to accomplish this goal makes this a great story!

Both boys and girls enjoyed this book!

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